Crate Motor Accessories

Required Accessories to Get Your Long Block Crate Engine Running

*CCE basic accessory drive package

Your engine will arrive as a complete as possible; however you may still need to purchase additional external components in order to get your new engine up and running. If you are reusing accessories from your previously installed engine, please let us know when you order your new crate engine so that we can let you know if there may be any compatability issues.

Canadian Crate Engines offers accessory and dress up kits to fit every budget. Whether you just want to get rolling, or you want to style out your engine bay with high gloss chrome or billet aluminum parts, we have you covered.

When we supply your accessory parts, you can be confident in knowing you will be getting the right parts for your needs the first time.

Canadian Crate Engines accessory drive package:

  • Alternator
  • Water pump
  • Starter
  • Fuel Pump
  • Power steering pump
  • Accessory brackets
  • Drive pulleys & belts

Our basic accessory drive package above starts at $1095.

Your Engine Your Way…

All Canadian Crate Engines come supplied with black or chrome tinwear (air cleaner and valve covers). A lot of customers choose to upgrade these components to suit the style of their build. We are happy to offer competitive pricing on many different aftermarket dress up parts for your engine. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can make sure your engine ships with exactly the trim you’re looking for!


Fuel Injection

Canadian Crate Engines is Canada’s West Coast distributor of FiTech EFI systems. These fuel injection kits are designed to replace a conventional carb setup on your classic ride, putting an end to any cold start and tuning issues you may have. The FiTech systems are great for drivers who want turn key performance without compromising the look of their engine bay. Our FiTech kits start at just $995!

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