Ford High Performance Crate Engines – Buy Factory Direct

Choose from 5 stages of Ford street performance crate engines ranging from 290 to 550+ horsepower to suit your needs, budget and application.

These time-tested and proven Ford builds give you a range of high-quality performance engine options, at an affordable price. All stages are designed to run on pump gas and are complete from oil pan to carburetor.

If you want a high-quality, high value crate motor for your project car or truck, that’s built in Canada and you want to cut out the middle men and buy factory direct – give us a call. Be sure you read these must ask questions before you buy anywhere.

Stage 1 302 – West Coast Cruiser (270 HP)

Picture yourself cruising the open road with your windows down on a warm summer evening.  The slight rumble of this 270HP V8 is like music to your ears. This package is perfect for those wanting to replace/upgrade their tired old 289 or 302. The fully rollerized high output camshaft and lifter package adds a nice boost in performance and reliability.
  • 302 cubic inch / 5.0 liter
  • 270 horsepower & 320 Ft/lbs torque
  • Roller camshaft & Lifters
  • Good low end and mid range power
  • Power band 2000 – 5400 RPM
  • Iconic V8 sound

Stage 2 302Cobra (335 HP)

Our Cobra 335HP is the perfect upgrade for those looking for a crate engine that sounds great, has awesome bottom end power, while having awesome every day drivability and a consistent idle.

  • 302 cubic inch / 5.0 liter
  • 335 horsepower & 330 Ft/lbs torque
  • Roller camshaft & lifters
  • Nice crisp rumble to the exhaust sound
  • Power band 2400 – 5800 RPM
  • Works well with 2000RPM torque converter

Stage 3 331 – Venom (385 HP Stroker)

Our torque build stroker package. This 331 cubic inch crate engine is sure to pin you to the back of your seat on a launch. 

    • 331 Cubic Inch Stroker
    • 385 horsepower & 400 Ft/lbs torque
    • Roller camshaft & lifters
    • Strong camshaft lope at idle
    • Power band 3000-5900 RPM
    • Works well with 2500RPM torque converter/ Manual trans

    Stage 4 347 – Diablo (415HP Stroker)

    Our Diablo crate engine serves up tons of nasty, tire shredding torque with the sound to match. No matter what kind of car or truck you drop this in, you are sure to raise hell on the street or at the strip.

    • 347 cubic inch stroker
    • 415 horsepower & 430 Ft/lbs torque
    • Roller camshaft & lifters
    • Rowdy exhaust sound
    • Power band 3000 – 6000 rpm
    • Strong mid to upper rpm power

    Stage 5 408 – Viper (450 HP Stroker)

    If you want to be the king of the street, steal the show, or dominate the quarter mile, this is the engine for you.

    • 408 cubic inch Windsor based stroker
    • 450 horsepower & 485 Ft/lbs torque
    • Roller camshaft & lifters
    • 9.4:1 compression (pump gas)
    • Extremely aggressive exhaust note
    • Power band 2800 – 6000 rpm

    Stage 6 408 – GT408 (515 HP Stroker)

    Simply the best of the best. This high compression crate engine sounds downright intimidating, and has the performance to back it up. If you want to intimidate the competition, look no further than our GT package.

    • 408 cubic inch Windsor based stroker
    • 515 horsepower/ 525 Ft/lbs torque
    • Roller camshaft & lifters
    • 10.2:1 compression (pump gas)
    • Extremely aggressive exhaust note
    • Power band 3000 – 6200 rpm