LS Crate Engines Canada

LS Packages Starting from 375HP Right up to 1,200HP In Forced Induction Applications!

The LS engines from Chevrolet are taking over the aftermarket, and for good reason. The LS series of engines from Chevy have many advantages including:

  • They have better designed cylinder heads for improved bottom and top end power
  • More strength in the block from 6 bolt main caps and a “y” design
  • Light-weight aluminum blocks and heads

If you are considering upgrading your current small block for this new design, the good news is the LSx engines are a direct bolt in.

You have a choice of fuel injection or carbureted for an even easier install with our LSx crate engines. At Canadian Crate Engines we have all the required components to make your installation a breeze.

What’s more, if you have a 12 volt power supply, a ground, and a fuel line, we can help get your new LSx crate motor up and running quickly and easily, with our little known Canadian Crate Engines LS Startup Kit™

If you need the right motor mounts and adapters for your LS installation we’ve got you covered.

You’ve probably got some important questions about an “LS” swap for your project car or truck.

To get all the details you need to make an informed decision call our LSx engine build and application experts now.

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